Traveling Gnome of WV goes to Beckley, WV

"On my journey to Beckley this morning, I came across a quaint little creek and found a few crayfish. I think the locals call them crawfish, or crawdads? I'll be back for you my little friends..."

It’s time for another adventure from none other than the Traveling Gnome of West Virginia. He’s traveled the world in search of a place to call home and he finds himself drawn back to the Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia Mountains.

This journey begins leaving from Central West Virginia down into Southern West Virginia.

Today you’ll see his stop going through Beckley, West Virginia, touring New River Park and the Exhibition Coal Mine.

"Relaxing, Exploring The Wild and Wonderful. Where to next? Hmmm..."


“Just your friendly Gnome, traveling through the beautiful, Wild and Wonderful mountains of West Virginia. Everyday is an adventure, Cheers!”

So take take a few minutes and check out his photos from the day and read his quirky notes.

"Took a stroll through uptown Beckley this morning, quite chilly. It was worth the trip to explore such a lovely city."

He’s always up to something and he may be coming to your area. Feel free to stop by his Facebook page and give him any ideas on where to stop along the way.

There are lots more photos on his Facebook page featuring more details from his journeys throughout West Virginia.

“Oh, how I love the fresh Mountain air as I walk these beautiful trails of West Virginia.”


New River Park & Exhibition Coal Mine 4/9/12

"Took an exquisite tour of the Exhibition Coal Mine. Traveled 1500 feet beneath the hillsides of the Park. Can't wait to return!"
"This statue is Dedicated to All West Virginia Coal Miners."


"Here's a peek inside the Miners Shanty."


"Walking the trail at New River Park, what a view. Looks like a nice swimming area at the bottom on this mountain, but it's not open yet. I could use a dip."


"Walking a little off the trail at New River Park to see more of the trees. Reminds me of home."
"I couldn't get this camera working properly, but I just wanted to show you another photo of just how wonderful these trees are in New River Park in Beckley, WV"


"Goodnight my friends, it's time to rest for my next journey."

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